Cheap or Good, Insurance Isn’t Both

Like most things, when it comes to dental insurance you can either find a cheap private plan or a more expensive coverage provides benefits not usually included with the lower cost insurances. While the costs might seem like the deciding factor, it shouldn’t be.

Buying A Cheap, Good Dental Insurance Plan

The key to finding a good, cheap dental plan (or as close as possible) is two fold. First, you want to decide the extent of the coverage you need for your family. Second, shop around. Sounds simple right? Well, most people either give up because of the quotes they receive or simply price shop without actually digging into the details as to what exactly is covered under their private dental insurance.

Determine Your Coverage Needs

Do you or someone covered under the plan have any pre-existing conditions? Very few insurers cover prior teeth and gum problems, but some do. What about check-ups and cleanings? How much can you afford to pay for each visit? If you have a family of four those costs can really begin to add up, along with the deductibles and co-pays for any cavities that need filling. Finally, what about major dental work such as bridges, crowns, root canals or tooth extractions? How much money can you afford to pay, and how much will your insurance pay for? Are there maximum yearly limits for each person or for the whole family? These are some of the big questions you should have answered before you begin asking for quotes.

Find The Best Price

So now you’ve sat down and budgeted out exactly what kind of coverage you need, and you’ve got to find the best price possible. My most important piece of advice here is to make sure you choose a reputable company that’s been around for a while. There are so many fly-by-night private health insurers that you don’t want to end up fighting to have something covered that you expected would be covered. You also want to make sure that your preferred dentist will accept the insurance from said company, as many dentists have a preferred selection of private insurers that they work with.